Hobonichi Weeks Set Giveaway

I love glittery things and I love happy mail! So here is another giveaway that should come just in time for Christmas! The first giveaway is a set of Kirachi Glitter Highlighters. The draw is this Sunday so you still have time! ✨✨✨🖋✨✨✨

All the Monkey Goodness in this giveaway set: Hobo Weeks, the excellent Mildliners, and a set of To Love and Monkeys stickers to get you started on the right foot 💖

The second is — wait for it—a Hobonichi Weeks Set😍😍😍! I have a gorgeous rose Hobo Weeks, a pack of Mildliners, and a starter pack of To Love and Monkey stickers to get you going. Draw closes on 13 December so I can get it in the post to the winner in time for Christmas! 

I see your eyes sparkling at all this lovely planner goodness! How does one enter the draw? Easy peasy!

For the glitter highlighters all you need to do is follow me on Instagram (www.instagram.com/ToLoveAndMonkeys) and subscribe to my newsletter (https://bit.ly/2r2ggnY). 

For the Hobonichi Weeks Set I have a rafflecopter set up. Click the link and follow the instructions http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/e7f300ab30/…

But you’ve already subscribed to my Monkey Goodness newsletter I hear you cry? Have no fear—all those already subscribed to the newsletter will automatically be entered in the draw. Follow the rafflecopter link to add more entries to the draw and boost your chances! 🥂💝🐒🎄

Good luck!

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